How to Retire Without Money

While it might not be entirely possible to retire without money completely, it is possible to retire with very, very little money. For instance, one can retire to some very nice South American countries where, so long as one can prove one is receiving a minimum pension of $500 per month, one will be accepted. And, if one doesn’t quite live like a king on $500 in those particular countries, one can live very well indeed. Learn how to immigrate to various countries in South America where you can retire and live well.

Living in America with  Retirement on the Horizon
It is said in American that one needs $1 or $2 million in order to retire. That’s the projected financial requirement in order to meet general living plus medical costs for a number of years. Most baby boomers, however, don’t have anything close to that. Some might manage $200,000 if they’re lucky. Others have nothing.

Meeting Your Needs for Retirement Creatively
The fortunate thing is that you aren’t the only one in this situation. Millions of people are, and when there’s a group of people working together, they can often increase the bounty exponentially. The old saying is that two can live together as cheaply as one, and taking that a step further, half a dozen people can pool their life skills and come up with a plan.

Retirement Communes
Instead of very expensive retirement communities, take a step back to the communes of the 60s. Get together with others who are in the same boat that you are and begin to figure out what your combined assets are, what skills you each bring to the commune, and where, geographically, would be the best suited for you all to live.

Yes, of course, it’s a big job. Then, again, if you had a million or two, it would be relatively easy. When that kind of money isn’t available, then one has to use the tools at one’s disposal and create something out of very little. And it’s very doable!

Remember that there are others living this lifestyle. If this is doable for others, the it's doable for you. 

The Specialized Baby Boomer Commune
In this case, about a two dozen people in a commune, each with specialized skills, works wonderfully. So one is member is a nurse or a doctor while another is an accountant. Still another is a chef while a forth is gardener. The fifth is a school teacher who can source information at the drop of a hat while the sixth is an entrepreneur who knows how to convert the newly grown vegetables into money. The seventh is a retired dancer who knows how to organize one hell of a party, plus teach everybody dancing so that they can keep fit. You get my drift? I’m sure you do.

When There’s No Retirement Fund
When there isn’t a retirement fund, once more, the best thing to do is join up with others who are in a similar boat. Together work out ideas how to bring in money that is more passive residual income than active energy income. You’re growing old, so active energy might last until you’re 84, but after 84, you might need to slow down.
The secret of a successful business is supply something that is needed by many people and that sells for a reasonable price. If, of course, everybody else is selling it as well, then it’s difficult to get into the market. However, if nobody else is, then you’re onto a really good thing.

Cheapest Countries to Retire In

So what are people looking for at this point in our lives?

Here are so ideas, and they are by no means exhaustive. Put on your thinking cap with the group of people you’ve got together and start thinking how you can work together to be ready for a happy retirement.
  • Supply much needed information. There are so many areas where people require information. You can either write it down and make it available for a certain sum, or uyou can publish articles on the web and rely on the advertising income that google pays when people click on the advertising attached to the article. It isn’t much, but remember, at this point, you’re not looking to become rich. You just want an income that will take you through your retirement years.
  • Insurance always pays well. As yukky as it is to talk about, everybody needs health insurance. Get together with your group and begin to sell health insurance to your peers. Of course, you do have to do your homework and learn the business thoroughly, but if you’re working together with a group, its much easier  to do. Put the commission earned from selling health insurance sales towards a central fund. The central fund might be used to purchase a property where a dozen people can live.  Remember what might appear difficult on your own, is  much easier when you work together with others. You all bring different strengths to the table.
Selling Health Insurance can still Pay the Bills
Work as a Group to accomplish this.

  • If you can get together sufficient money collectively, put it together and buy a property where a dozen of you can live. Then begin a small hand made manufacturing business of sorts. Remember that this is been done in Africa and other 3rd world countries all the time. The village gets together and works at producing things which a corporation picks up and buys. For instance, Starbucks likes buying coffee beans from nations that are trying to save the rainforest I think. So why wouldn’t a store like Macy’s or Ralps or any other store buy from ‘seniors?’
Baby Boomers Retiring in Texas as Cost of Living Excellent.
  • Get all your junk and things you don’t value anymire,  and collect everybody else’s as well. Many people just want to get rid of their junk so you can go collect it. Get together with your group and arrange sales at fairs, venues where there are no tenants (some smooth talking needed here), or simply convince your street to have a mega garage sale. With the funds, start a junk collecting business and sell of the junk for whatever you can get. Work with this for a few years, then hire staff to do it for you. Remember, you won’t always have the energy that you have now, just as you don’t have the energy now that you had forty years ago.